Carlsberg funding for research on surgery robots and AI in Danish

The Carlsberg Foundation is funding three projects at ITU, including research on surgery robots and methods for creating better AI solutions in Danish.

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Natalie Schluter, Associate Professor in ITU’s Department of Computer Science, receives DKK 800,000 for research that will provide a foundation for better AI solutions in Danish through the development of a comprehensive linguistic dataset. The dataset will be open access for researchers.

Additionally, Natalie Schluter and Associate Professor Barbara Plank receive DKK 60,000 for the Women in Data Science conference, which takes place at ITU in April 2019. The conference is open to men as well as women, and will deal with technical research and practice in Data Science, and specifically supports and promotes women in Data Science.

Finally, Lasse Blond, a Research Assistant from the Department of Business IT, receives DKK 425,000 for a project that explores how new surgery robots affect workflows in the operating room. Among other things he will examine how risks, responsibilities and intelligence are shared between robots and humans, and how the surgeon's role is being re-evaluated in new robot design.

The Carlsberg Foundation handed out a total of DKK 168 million this year for excellent and innovative projects that can help to increase the international reputation of Danish research.

Further information

Natalie Schluter, Associate Professor, email

Vibeke Arildsen, Press Officer, phone 2555 0447, email