The IT University of Copenhagen invites Danish leaders to get digitally upgraded

Are you a leader and do you want to make your business sustainable in the digital age? If yes, you can become part of the Innovation for Leadership project (I4L) at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). Participation is free.

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The purpose of the I4L project is to provide leaders of private and public enterprises with the tools required for mastering the digital transformation, while at the same time addressing the challenges and risks that are associated with digital technologies.

The I4L project is funded by The Danish Industry Foundation and is organised by researchers at ITU. Each of the three workshops is a full-day event covering a specific theme, as presented below:
· Digital Leadership & Communication
· Transformative Leadership & Disruptive Innovation
· Data-Driven Leadership & Analytics

As part of the I4L project, we invite Danish leaders to participate in one of the three workshops.
In addition to the three workshops, researchers will be in continuous dialogue with workshop participants. The dialogue and the three workshops will form the basis of a closing conference and a final report.

The first workshop "Digital Leadership and Communication" will take place at ITU on September 8, 2017. Participants will be presented with tools and methods to enhance communication and management in a time, where interactions are increasingly shaped by technology. Through inspirational presentations from experts, idea generation and group work, the first workshop will touch upon a variety of topics such as Leadership 2.0, Virtual Leadership, Digital Communication and Interaction. Participants will gain new knowledge and develop ideas, which they can implement in their companies.

I4L participants are leaders who want to learn and implement new digital methods in their businesses. Applicants will be selected based on their motivation and the possibilities for carrying out their ideas subsequently.

The Danish Industry Foundation is funding the project and participation is free of charge.

The three workshops will be in English.

All interested leaders are requested to apply online - no later than August 4, 2017.

Read more about I4L on our website or follow us on Twitter @I4L_DK.