Refugee Hackathon

As part of the conference, DIGINAUTS: Border dissidence, digital resistance and the production of irregularized migrants, DIGINAUTS and TechFugees are hosting our first ever hack for refugees.

See the poster for the event here! 

We are looking for participants with skills within:

And more...

We are hosting a 48-hour hackathon at University of Copenhagen Southern Campus and ITU and you are invited.

The hackathon is centered on the challenges refugees face on their journeys. Techfugees hackathons are uniquely centered around the refugee and solutions are based on real challenges.

Based on the challenges faced by the refugees, your team will build a prototype of a solution. Each team will ideally be composed of both technical and non-technical members, so you can play on each others strengths.

You do not need to be able to code to participate!

Practical information
We meet at University of Copenhagen, Southern Campus, on October 23rd at 16:00. Precise room will follow, and we will make sure you don't get lost :)

What you should bring:

Comfortable clothes for working in
Lots of Curiosity
What we provide:

Whiteboard markers and writing materials
A chance to talk to inspiring people and work on real problems
Below is the program for the hackathon.

Day 1

16:00-17:00: Check-in

17:00-18:00: Introduction

18:00-19:00: Groups + Dinner

19:00- : Hack!

Day 2

08:30-09:15: Coffee

09:15-09:45: Conference presentation

9:45-12:00: Hack!

12:30-13:30: Mentors + Lunch

13:00-18:00: Hack!

18:00-19:00: Dinner

19:00- : Hack!

Day 3

09:00-10:00: Coffee

10:00-11:00: Final hack

11:00-12:00: Presentations

13:30-14:00: Fine tuning presentations and relax

14:00-16:30: Finals and mingle

About DIGINAUTS and TechFugees
DIGINAUTS: MIGRANTS’ DIGITAL PRACTICES IN/OF THE EUROPEAN BORDER REGIME is a interdisciplinary research project, which is based at Aalborg University, IT University in Copenhagen and University of Copenhagen. It is funded by VELUX. The project carries out ethnographic fieldwork in Greece, Germany and the Danish-Swedish borderland while also working with quantitative data related to these three sites. See more here.

Techfugees is an international NGO, which works with exciting people to improve the situation for refugees. We do not directly create tech solutions. We are here to coordinate and be supportive, as a global platform. We create bridges between techies, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians, students, researchers, innovators, corporates, impact investors, journalists…

For any further questions, please contact:

Christian from TechFugees at:


Kl. 15.00-24.00: Room 27.0.09 (60 pladser)
Small rooms:
27.0.22 (all day)
27.0.50 (all day)
27.0.52 (all day)
27.0.54 (all day)
27.0.56 (all day)
27.1.20 (all day)
27.1.22 (all day)
27.1.50 (all day)
27.1.52 (all day)
27.1.54 (all day)

27.0.09 (big room, all day)
27.0.22 (all day)
27.0.50 (all day)
27.0.52 (all day)
27.0.54 (all day)
27.0.56 (all day)
27.1.20 (all day)
27.1.22 (all day)
27.1.50 (all day)
27.1.52 (all day)
27.1.54 (all day)

Space/tables outside room 3A20 on the 25th from 10-17
8-16 5A60  (50 people; can be used for several groups)
11-16 3A20 50 people – for announcement of winners (not really necessary as they can use 5A60)

Lokale: 24.0.21 (6 pladser)
Lokale: 24.0.23 (6 pladser)
Lokale: 24.1.23 (6 pladser)
Lokale: 24.1.27 (6 pladser)

Number to call if problems with AV-equipment at KU: 35 32 37 00