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Within the Digital Design Department, we research as well as teach the design of digital technologies and services. We focus especially on the impact that digital design will have on society, the environment, and industry in domains such as the public sector, health care, welfare, and games. The central themes of the Digital Design research agenda are care, creativity, participation, data and AI. As IT is increasingly a part of everyday life, these themes are critical to society, the environment and industry in the future.  

The Digital Design Department applies critical, ethical, and sustainable perspectives to all aspects of IT in society to inform our design processes. Our research and teaching approaches are based on diversity, inclusiveness, interdisciplinarity, and collaboration.  

The Digital Design Department offers a BSc and MSc programme in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies and an MSc in Games with high relevance and employability. We maintain an organisational and physical infrastructure that supports interdisciplinary collaboration. We provide lab-based research and teaching facilities and contribute to an inspiring and sound work and study environment attracting highly qualified researchers and students. 

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Can we enjoy silent music?

The Hedonic Haptics player is a portable wearable device that plays back vibrotactile compositions. It consists of three domes each of which houses a vibration motor providing vibrotactile sensations to the wearer, and which are connected to a control unit the size of a small Walkman.

The Hedonic Haptics player can store different compositions and effects made up of haptic signals varying in amplitude, waveform and length. At the moment we have composed an ambient, rhythmic, and ‘heavy haptic metal’ composition, and designed effects such as hard and soft circles, unison swells, unison crescendo, a heartbeat, and a drum pattern.

We use these different compositions and effects to explore the hedonic potential of vibrational haptics in an embodied wearable setup. As such we seek to expand the design space for haptic expressions in interaction design.

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