Culture Night at ITU

Experience the world of technology, when the IT University of Copenhagen opens up its doors as part of Culture Night 2019.

Again this year, the IT University of Copenhagen celebrates Culture Night along with more than 250 Copenhagen institutions. Join us for a casual family event, where you can experience the most exciting and most entertaining in tomorrow's technology.

Get ready for an evening where you can see, feel and try many different corners of the tech universe. There are activities for all age groups, and you can also get something to eat or a drink if you need a break from the technological experiences.

Access to Culture Night requires a Culture Pass, which can be purchased at 7-Eleven stores in the metropolitan area and at museums and libraries in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.


Project Pitch Night (18.00 – 19.30)

Join us in voting for the best ITU project. Vice Chancellor Martin Zachariasen will host the ceremony, when students present their projects in front of an audience and a panel of judges.

Virtual Reality
Get lost in the digital world and experience how VR can be used to create 3D animations, when ITU startup Sidetracked unveils their new VR technology!

Visit AIR (Affective Interaction & Relations) LAB, a lab at ITU working with emotions and IT, and experience how living with different digital and interactive technologies changes our relations to the world, each other, and our selves.

BERMUDA is an interactive installation that is suspended from the ceiling in AIR LAB. It changes shape, and color as a reaction to the sounds in the room. The project is developed as part of a research project that works with ways to transform and express felt relations.

Virtual Reality: Cure Your Fear of Flying (19:00-19:30 & 21:00-21.30)
Experience a Virtual Reality (VR) project designed to help people with flight phobia to deal better with their fears. Try a simulation of a flight that takes off, and chat with the students behind the project and learn more about the concept and the technology.

The Living Tree
Experience what life in a tree sounds like by outputting sound as vibrations through the trunk of the tree. Place your ear on the tree to explore a world we normally don’t have access too.

Social Robots
See how researchers examine, how we can design better social robots in the future. Come and interact with a robot, and help develop better robot technology for the future.

Virtual Reality: 361º in Atrium
Experience a 3D video performance by artist Peter Holmgaard in collaboration with AIR LAB. You can experience the piece through a VR headset.

A Scalable Image Browser
Ever looked at your collection of images and videos and wondered what you actually have in there? Have you ever recalled an event, but can’t really remember the name or date of it? Then the new technology named Exquisitor can help you!

MusicalAid allows people with different musical literacy and fine-motoric skills to play and create music together. The system is developed together with adults with autism but enables a fun music experience for all. MusicalAid is unique as it synchronizes different instruments so they always play in sync and according to a predefined rhythm or beat.

Pet Plant
Can a computer detect if your plant is happy or sad? Test it yourself!

Escape Room for Kids
Step into the world of a scientist. Dress up, solve puzzles and experience the world of chemistry up close.

Talks about Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Join us for 15-min talks on Technostress, Future of Work for Marketers & Designers, The Impact of Continuous Software Eng., Ethical challenges of connected technologies, Teaching Chemistry through Computer Games, IT for Social Good, & IT in fertility tracking. Curious minds are welcome!

Try out new computer games designed by students at ITU.

Build a Robot
Transform old toys into a new, cool robot!

PC Scrap
Dissemble a computer and build a sculpture out of PC scrap.

Magic Show (18:30-20:30)
Magician Jesper Grønkjær will entertain kids and childish adults with tricks and a balloon workshop.

Food & Drinks
Deux Porcs light up the grill and make delicious burgers, juicy pork roast sandwiches and hot dogs. You can also stop by the cantine's foodtruck, where you can buy delicious treats. When you get thirsty, Scrollbar is open, serving special non-alcoholic Culture Night drinks, as well as beer and sodas. For dessert, you can grab a piece of free cake.