Folkemøde 2018: Lack of IT specialists – what to do?

On Folkemødet, the IT University take up the discussion of one of the most pressing societal challenges: How do we secure a match between education and the labour market in a digital world?

In pace with digital technologies’ entry into all parts of the labour and everyday life, the need for IT specialists, who can design and program digital solutions, increases. The government’s prognoses show that by 2030 Denmark will be short 19,000 IT specialists. But companies are already lining up to hire IT graduates, while students with IT competencies are increasingly sought out at an early point in their studies.

How will educational institutions, politicians and companies make sure that employers can cover their need for highly educated, IT competent, employees, so that Denmark can keep up with the race? What are the barriers to getting more IT specialists out on the labour market? And how do we generate interest in IT educations among women, so that the entire pool of talent can be utilised?


On the panel:

  • Tommy Ahlers, Minister for Higher Education and Science
  • Eva Berneke, CEO, KMD
  • Charlotte Mark, Managing Director, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen
  • Lars Frelle-Petersen, CEO, DI Digital
  • Mads Tofte, Vice Chancellor, the IT University of Copenhagen