Agile Software Development: Background, experiences and perspectives

The Research Centre for Government IT invites every one with an interest in agile software development to hear a talk by one of the founders of agile software development. The presentation takes place in the afternoon of October 23

Several government organisations have come a long way in using agile methods for IT projects, while others consider how the advantages of agile development can best be exploited.

But what were the original ideas behind the agile movement? Which problems was it intended to address? Which results have the methods yielded? And what is the future of agile?

The Research Centre for Government IT has invited one of the founders of agile software development to Copenhagen to give you a first-hand account of the background for the agile approach to software development, of the experiences – positive and negative - with the methods, and on future perspectives for agile software development.

Alistair Cockburn
Alistair Cockburn is a co-author of the influential “Manifesto for Agile Software Development” from 2001, and he is the author of numerous text-books on agile methods, software requirements, and software development. Additionally, he has been directly involved in a number of government and private sector IT projects in the US and in Europe. Alistair Cockburn holds a degree in computer science from Case Western Reserve University and a PhD from the University of Oslo.

The presentation is widely accessible and of interest to both generalists, project managers, project owners, software developers, consultants, students and researchers.

The presentation take place on the October 23 from 1:45 PM to 4:15 PM at DR Koncerthuset, Studie 2. Please register here. (The registration is in Danish. If you have trouble signing up, please contact: The description of this event is available in Danish here.

Read about parking and transport to DR Koncerthuset here. Parking is also possible next to the IT University.


1:45 PM

2:00 PM
Jens Schmidt, Head of Research Centre for Government IT

2:10 PM
Mads Tofte, rektor, IT-Universitetet

2:20 PM
Agile development in the Government
Anne Marie Jess Hansen, member of the Danish IT Council, former Senior Vice President at ATP

2:30 PM
Agile Software Development: Background, Experiences and Perspectives (foregår på engelsk)
Dr. Alistair Cockburn

3:30 PM
Questions and discussion

4:15 PM
Refreshments and networking

Moderator: Nynne Bjerre Christensen