Open House 2018 - master programmes

At Open House you have the opportunity to visit the IT University of Copenhagen.

You can meet students and student counselors who are ready to answer your questions. You can also hear presentations, which will give you a deeper insight into the individual programmes, their academic focus and career opportunities.

You can meet us and learn more about the master programmes at the Open House event on the 6th of February 2018 at 3:00PM-7:30PM.

Presentations on master programmes:

Information about the presentations are comming soon

All presentations on master programmes take place in Aud. 1.

In ScrollBar there are workshops about how you write the cover letter every hour.

There are guided tours at the university every half hour.

When you attend the Open House, you get an idea of how it is to study at the IT University of Copenhagen. You are very welcome to walk around the university to feel the atmosphere and look at our beautiful buildings, auditoriums and facilities.

At the Open House you can visit our booths, where you can talk to students and student counselors and get answers to your questions. Among other things, they can inform you about academic aspects of the programmes, future employment opportunities, admission requirements, the study environment and opportunities for studying abroad.

You can hear presentations about our programs. Here you can hear student counselors and students tell about everyday life as a student at the IT University, the content of the different master programmes, applying to the programmes and admission requirements.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Find your way to th IT University of Copenhagen with this map and route.