Dig.IT Digital Citizenship

Join Dig.IT for an open conference on digital governance, data protection and digital rights on Tuesday, April 25.

The 21st century has turned the world into a border-less, global network. The open Internet raises a number of issues for humanity in terms of digital governance, data protection, cybersecurity, legitimacy, and digital rights.

How does the increasing digitization of the human experience impact democracy and citizenship? Can the wild of the Internet be tamed with regulations? Will new laws on data protection and privacy be able to keep up with the rapid pace of technology?

Our speakers will share points from their perspectives to add to the conversation on digital citizenship.

Carsten Schürmann is Associate Professor at ITU and Director of DemTech, a project that studies how technology in elections affects the collective trust.

Anders Kjærulff is a radio host on Radio 24Syv where his show Aflyttet through the past six years have taken a critical look into the digitized world and asks if it all is for the better.

For getting a glimpse behind the scenes of the big data rights (r)evolution coming in 2018 with the European General Data Protection Regulation, we will screen the German documentary Democracy (2015).

The conference is hosted by the student initiative Dig.IT and all are welcome.