Søren Engel

BSc in Software Development (renamed Computer Science). Senior Developer at Netcompany A/S.


I am one year away from passing the milestone 30. I was born and raised in the port city of Elsinore. Today I live with my girlfriend in Copenhagen where I often enjoy a cold beer after work with friends and colleagues. I use my spare time to keep up-to-date with new technologies, e.g. Twitter where I am very active as @soren_engel.


Since March 2014 I've worked as Senior Developer at the IT consultancy house Netcompany A/S. Before that I worked as a Software Analyst with the company Nexcom A/S, where I also worked part-time as Software Developer while I studied.


In my day-to-day work I develop SharePoint-based internet solutions for a number of Netcompany's clients. Here I work with some of the newest technologies and tools in front-end development, such as Sass, Node.js, AngularJS and Gulp. In order to create maximum value for clients, my job requires an understanding of the individual client's business and deep insight into the construction of software and the technologies that I work with. Through the technical courses I've taken at ITU I've built a solid foundation of the general principles in software development and methods to quickly acquire new knowledge. This is basically the most important skill you bring with you, because technologies are constantly developing and clients need new and optimised solutions.



Make sure to pay attention in all your courses, not just those that are technically challenging. Although working in IT is about managing technically challenging and complex problems, it is important to have skills in communication, business and organisation. That will help you effectively understand and familiarise yourself with the client's working procedures and needs, and help you communicate how a given IT solution can optimise their business.

Søren Engel, Senior Developer with Netcompany A/S
I chose to study Software Development at ITU because of the programme's interdisciplinary content. Unlike other, similar programmes, ITU focuses on creating a broad profile which equips students with competences in design and development of software, but also in communication, presentation and business. That has allowed me to master the challenge of both developing complex IT solutions and advising effectively on the use of these solutions. At Netcompany I have the opportunity to use all my skills in my everyday work.