Lise Møller Petersen

MSc in Software Development (renamed Computer Science). Developer in CARE at KMD.


My name is Lise. I am 27, originally from Aabenraa and now live at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. In my spare time I enjoy alternative rock and do oil paintings when I can find the time.


I work at KMD in the CARE department where we do healthcare solutions. I am working as a back-end developer on an app used by home care workers around the country, e.g. when they visit a patient and need to know something about that patient's specific needs, medicine, or even how the patient would prefer to be addressed. I've always found the intersection between IT and healthcare interesting because it combines the technical and mathematical with the organic and humane healthcare area.


One of my tasks is to quickly familiarise myself with a new problem and absorb data, and then produce an analysis of what would be the best technical solution to the problem. There are a lot of technical considerations to make - like performance, how I communicate complex knowledge concisely in a code so that my colleague will be able to pick it up quickly when it needs to be developed or debugged some months or years down the road - and the user must of course also be considered. In my study programme we covered a lot in the various technical areas, which is a big advantage when you have to be constantly ready to take on a new task. But it's certain that training your social skills through group work, student politics and the Friday afternoon beer party are also an important part of learning how to seek out knowledge and information when you enter the labour market. Apart from that, I feel that especially my courses in the MSc programme have taught me to have a structured approach to problem solving.



Don't underestimate the importance of building a social network while you study. Spend time and invest in your fellow students. It will make your life easier when you have long work days and weekends at ITU before deadlines and exams. And go on exchange. I spent a semester in California and it was a huge experience - plus, it's great to have a professional network in the United States.

Lise Møller Petersen, Developer at KMD
It was a bit of a coincidence that I chose to apply for the BSc programme. I was part of the first year group at ITU and it was not a widely known university at the time. I played around with HTML and PHP when I was younger but wanted a deeper understanding of what was going on behind the screen. Just because you pick a study programme and enrol doesn't mean you'll finish it. But I stayed - and also chose to take my MSc at ITU - because of both the academic payoff but also very much because of my fellow students, professors, lecturers and assistant teachers. There was a great sense of social cohesion across programmes and year groups and a sense of responsibility for learning, which meant that I invested many hours in my programme while having fun with it. Or maybe it was the other way around.