Kristian Hjort-Madsen

MSc in Software Development & Technology (renamed Software Development (Design)). Manager at BEC.


Kristian Hjort-Madsen, 37 years old. I am originally from Southern Jutland but now living in Amager with my wife Mette and our three children. Both Mette and I have worked abroad and we travel a lot. Right now it’s all about the kids, but the world is a magnet.


I am Managing Director of IT Operations & Architecture at BEC. Earlier I’ve been Service Line Manager at Accenture with a focus on management consulting in IT management and strategy, and I've also worked as a head architect in the Digital Task Force at the Danish Ministry of Finance.


Being a manager for over a 100 people first and foremost requires the ability to define and communicate direction. With my solid theoretical foundation from my MSc and PhD at ITU and practical experience from Accenture and the Danish Ministry of Finance I am able to find the relevant questions to ask and create results with my skilled managing team at BEC. Especially my technical knowledge from the Software Development programme is very valuable in my day-to-day interaction with our highly skilled IT engineers and IT architects at BEC. And particularly my theoretical understanding of organisational changes, innovation theory etc., enables me to reflect on my - and BEC's - practice and make continuous improvements.



Always be open and try new things outside the beaten path. Career planning is good, but things rarely go as planned and at some point you will realise that the less relevant subjects or areas of interest that you have engaged in can suddenly become a great strength to you in a world where innovation and the ability to think outside the box is increasingly important to succeed in business.

Kristian Hjort-Madsen, Chief Technology Officer at BEC
I did my bachelor's degree in Political Science and wanted a more business-oriented master's programme. After concluding my bachelor's programme I worked as a trainee with Danfoss in Singapore, where I had the opportunity to establish an e-business hub in Chinese and English for the entire Southeast Asia in cooperation with a very inspiring manager. I’ve always been very interested in new technology and growing up I was privileged to always have the latest PC, but it was at Danfoss I realised that IT was the future for me. And for the world…