David Bjerring

BSc in Global Business Informatics. Consultant and team manager at Visma Services Denmark A/S.


My name is David Bjerring. I am 26 and from Frederiksværk, where I have lowered the average age to 54 in the local Rotary International club.


I work as a business consultant and team leader with Visma Services Danmark A/S in Herlev. I manage three employees and two business areas, both in the ERP system. Before I enrolled at ITU I started my own company, ITCorp, which focuses on technology, operations and cloud solutions. That takes up about 15 hours a week.


In my daily work I tackle complex solutions - one of our biggest, with 55 users, is in the end phase of implementation and has stretched over an active period of three years. In the Global Business Informatics programme we covered several areas focusing on difficult ERP installations and how they often run up to large amounts and countless consultant hours. Our biggest client is a textbook example of how these implementations become enormous and span the entire day-to-day operations of a company. Another aspect is that two of my employees are located in different corners of Denmark, so I have daily use of my skills in 'working abroad' that I obtained through my ITU bachelor's programme. It is interesting, especially from a management perspective.



Ensure a common thread when combining your electives. It's an opportunity to create your own profile and employers appreciate coherence.

David Bjerring, Business consultant and team leader with Visma Services Danmark A/S
I chose Global Business Informatics because it looked like an interesting programme and I found the mix of business and IT appealing. An accurate mix of a relevant study job, the right composition of subjects - being able to choose my own electives in the last semesters was especially helpful - and hard work have got me where I am today.