Mentor programme

We want to help our graduates in the transition from student life to work life. To shorten the distance between the two we have established a mentor programme for those graduating soon or those who have recently graduated.

As a mentee you will be matched with a mentor with experience in the field you want to work with and you'll meet 4-6 times over six months to discuss choices, goals and procedures as well as benefit from your mentor's superior experience in general.

Find a mentor

If you would like to get a mentor in the fall 2016, sign up for the mentee seminar on May 4, 16-17.30 in room 2A12. Note that participation in the mentee seminar or retrieving information about the programme from the Study & Career Guidance is mandatory for getting a mentor. If you are not able to attend the seminar, you are very welcome to contact Trine Møller ( for more information about the programme prior to your application.

You apply for a mentor by filling out the application form below. The application includes a number of questions, and the aim with the application is to make the best match possible. Therefore you should focus on what you want to do with your education and elaborate on the kind of input and feedback you hope to gain from your mentor. It should not be about why you should be given a mentor, but rather what you hope to gain from a mentor.

The mentor program will start with a Kick Off-event in September, where mentees and mentors will meet for the first time. The deadline for applying for a mentor is June 24, 2016.

Become a mentor

As a mentor you have the chance to help an IT talent kickstart his or her career while adding to your own resumé. The mentor role entails meeting with your mentee 4-6 times over a six months period and provide sparring, give feedback, and generally let your mentee benefit from your experience. In this process it is not you but the mentee who is responsible for keeping the process going.

If you think that being a mentor sounds interesting - and you have a couple of years experience or more - then sign up by filling out the form through the link found below. The only information we need is your name, phone number, email, and some indication of your experience and competences. The latter you can provide by uploading your resumé or by providing a link to your LinkedIn profile.