Welcome to the Center for Digital Welfare - a research center established in 2020 at the IT University of Copenhagen.

The CDW aims to describe and rethink what it means to govern and live in a digitalized welfare society. Researchers at the CDW inquire about the nuts and bolt as well as the consequences of digitalization for welfare. In addition, we propose solutions for a digitalization that honors sustainable and democratic principles.

Below you will find more information about our research activities, the on-going projects, the people involved, as well as upcoming events and activities at the CDW.


The Center for Digital Welfare initiates collaboration, debate and experiments that engage different stakeholders across the academy, public authorities, the private sector, and civil society. Acting as a research hub and knowledge partner to its stakeholders, the centre’s stated goal is to create new solutions for the digital welfare society that are inclusive and value diversity in people, perspectives, and practices.

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Ongoing Projects

The Center for Digital Welfare is home to a number of on-going research projects revolving around the digitalization of the welfare society. To learn about the on-going research projects at the CDW, please click 'More'.

The CDW originally grew out of research conducted in context of a research project, which is currently (2020) being finalized. This project is called 'Data as Relation: Governance in the Age of Big Data' (DaR), it is supported by The Velux Foundations with DKK 7,6 mio, and it has been running in 2016-2020. The DaR project focussed on the numerous new uses to which data are put in the Danish public sector, as well as on how existing work practices are challenged because of these uses. The DaR project found that one of the things big data has brought to practices of governing, is a redistribution of responsibility for using data for management purposes. Put briefly, everybody in a given organization is expected to take responsibility for harnessing insights from new kinds of digital data sources, and existing ways of knowing the organization are put under pressure, as are the technologies already in use. Managing this process is difficult, and much time and effort is spent figuring out the organization from the inside. You can find more about the DaR project, its various subprojects and a list of publications by clicking here.

From the DaR project grew another research project: 'Welfare after Digitalization' (WaD). This newly initiated project, which is supported by the Velux Foundations with DKK 6 mio and running in 2020-2024, asks the question: What happens to welfare after digitalization? Taking digitalization, not as a promise about the tech society of a near future, the WaD project focuses on four key welfare sectors – Health, Law Enforcement, Education, and Local Governance – and the WaD researchers take the temperature of the digitalized welfare state. To learn more about the WaD project, please have a look here.

Most recently, a new research project called 'Everyday Digitization' has been initiated in April 2020 to collect data on the possible transformations of digital habits during the Covid-19 pandemic. To learn more about the project or to sign up as interviewee, please have a look here.



The Center for Digital Welfare aims to contribute excellent, interdisciplinary research within the areas of welfare governance, democratic spaces and citizenship, and to participate actively in the public debate on digitalization and welfare in Scandinavia and in Europe. To do so, the CDW has engaged a number of researchers across the IT University of Copenhagen.

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Events and Activities

The CDW engages in internal seminars, academic conferences, ad hoc reading groups and funding collaborations. Besides these regular research activities, the CDW also sets up events with external participation. To learn about the events and activities planned for fall 2020 and spring 2021, please click 'More'.

Fall 2020

  • Official opening (September 2020 - postponed from April 2020)

  • Study trip in Northern Europe (October 2020)
  • Field expedition with researchers and stakeholders (October 2020)
  • Stakeholder mini-conference (November 2020)
  • Outreach meetings (September - December 2020)

Spring 2021

  • Field expedition with researchers and stakeholders (March 2021)
  • Stakeholder mini-conference (May 2021)
  • Outreach meetings (February - June 2021)
  • 'Folkemødet på Bornholm' (July 2021)



Contact the Center for Digital Welfare 

Kitt Plinia Nielsen, Strategic Project Manager
Phone: +45 7218 5082
E-mail: kitn@itu.dk

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