Climate changes are now occurring in every region and globally. Limiting those changes demands strong and sustained reductions of human activities such as burning fossil fuels. In many political strategies, the use of new and existing technologies plays a central role in tackling the climate emergencies, e.g. in the Danish Government’s Climate Programme 2020 and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Climate IT is a series of stories focusing on climate-related research at the IT University of Copenhagen. Hopefully, the stories will inspire researchers, stakeholders, and citizens to create, support and participate in green sustainability initiatives.


Reset is a new climate magazine by ITU faculty that problematizes the role of IT in the Climate emergency.

You can read the full magazine online by clicking below or get a physical copy here at the ITU (on recycled paper!).


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Climate Talks

ITU Climate Talks are a series of short research videos (5-8 minutes each) by faculty members from all three ITU research departments.

The purpose of the talks is to inform and inspire both staff and students by highlighting some of the exciting climate related research underway at the university.

It is our desire to begin a series of urgent conversations on the climate implications of IT at the research, teaching, and organizational levels.

These talks are the first in a series of initiatives that we hope will facilitate such conversations and begin to lay the groundwork for a more climate-ambitious university.

The videos are produced by James Maguire (Associate Professor, Business IT) and Luis Landa (Climate Research Assistant, Business IT).

Video footage by Rina de Place Bjørn.