Natural Language Processing Research Group

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is essentially building machines that are capable of understanding human languages. NLP is an important part of many technologies in everyday life: When you talk to the voice control on your phone, it’s an NLP-technology, and NLP it’s also used for detecting fake news, searching the internet etc.

Leon Derczynski is the group coordinator, and the researchers work with a combination of computer science and machine learning and they investigate a wide variety of NLP issues such as machine learning methods, algorithms, multilingual NLP etc.  An understanding of anthropology, social sciences, cognitive science and humanities is also essential in the NLP-research, even though the ITU group focuses on the technical aspects. 

The NLP-researchers receive funding for many different projects, and an important example to emphasize is the donation from the Carlsberg Foundation for further research in Natural Language Processing in Danish. 

The research group collaborates with a number of academic institutions worldwide and with major companies in the tech industry such as Google and Amazon.

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