Student worker

If your company needs qualified students to solve specific tasks, hiring a student worker can be a great option. As a company and employer, you can take advantage of the student's mulitidisciplinary competences and define the framework for the task. Most ITU students prioritize having a relevant part-time job alongside their studies.

If you are interested in hiring a student worker, it is free to post vacant student positions in the ITU Job and Project Bank.

ITU's "Student Job Fair" will be held for the first time in November 2018. It is a "miniature carreer fair" which only focuses on student jobs. 15 companies can participate and get the chance to talk to qualified students who are looking for their first or next student job.


If you have any questions about recruiting a student worker, or if you want to register your company for the "Student Job Fair", please contact Carina Raaholt at