Xinying Hao

MSc in Software Development (renamed Computer Science). Manager of the Chinese Market, CTcoin.


Originally, I am from China. Now I live in Odense with my husband and my son. When I lived in Copenhagen, I spent I lot of time volunteering, for example at sports and music events. Odense is quieter. I really enjoy the nature here and I really like playing badminton and table tennis.


CTcoin is a company that produces cash counting machines. Our machines are installed in more than 50 countries and are used in for instance banks and public transportation. I joined CTcoin as a technical product manager, where I wrote technical documents for clients and cooperated with suppliers on developing new features for the machines, among other things. I like working in an international environment and having the opportunity to optimise processes in collaboration with people from different backgrounds.


Today I am manager of the Chinese market. I visit our clients and introduce the product, and when I'm at the office in Denmark, I provide technical support to clients. I also work on developing our position on the Chinese market together with our Managing Director. The most exciting thing about the job is that I get to travel a lot. My job requires good communication skills and a good understanding of how to communicate with people from different cultures.

I had some friends who studied at the ITU, who told me about the university and the study programme. ITU was a fairly new university at the time, and the building with its open space and glass rooms impressed me. It opens people’s minds. I chose software development because it provided me with good job opportunities after graduation. I really liked the courses about collaboration across cultures. That's exactly what my current job is all about.

The school system in Denmark is quite different from the Chines system. In Denmark, it’s not enough just to read the books, you have to be able to communicate what you have learned, and in many courses you have to do presentations. There is a great deal of group work too. It gives you the experience you need for a job where you have to collaborate with others.

Be active and don’t be shy. Always ask the teacher if you are unsure about something. Go to class every time. And attend as many events at the university as possible.