Adrian Langer

BSc in Digital Media and Design (renamed Digital Design and Interactive Technologies). COO at Splay Denmark.


Adrian, 25 years old. I’m a guy with a lot of energy, who loves to build things from scratch. Spending hours on something and reaping the rewards - be they personal or economic.


Splay started as a YouTube network and is now a media company that covers the entire Nordic region. We work commercially with YouTubers across a range of products, from production to influencer marketing, content marketing and advertising. We have several media platforms that have a wider reach than most TV stations. I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis on the video-on-demand market and got a foot in the door at several major media houses. Then I got a student job at TV3 and later a full-time position. Finally, Splay showed up and there was instant chemistry.


I manage the Danish branch of Splay. A normal day can include everything from administrative tasks to budget management, meetings with YouTubers and customers, video production and building relationships. There is a ton of different tasks and they are constantly changing. A year ago, I was sitting alone in a small, freezing office struggling to get the business going. Now, I can delegate some of the tasks to my employees.

When I was studying, I didn’t think I was learning any specific skills, but coming out on the other side, I realized that a lot of things actually stuck. I have a really good feel for what’s happening in the industry, and I actually use my education in almost every aspect of my work life. It's a way of thinking and understanding what it means to create. What seemed quite intangible when studying became very tangible when I started working at a company.

I'm fascinated by the challenges and opportunities the media world faces today. There has been a democratization of production tools, which means that today, anyone with a video camera can tell a story. I'm fascinated by the fact that ordinary people can take up something that used to be for certain professions only. Today, everybody is online, so now it’s all about how to develop the next big thing. 

Be serious about studying. Before you start, be sure that this is what you want to do. ITU is a great place, so just enjoy it!